3 Tesla Powerwalls + SunPower Solar = 33 Days “Off Grid” — CleanTechnica Interview

CleanTechnica interviewed Anthony Sicari, a New York State resident who installed 3 Tesla Powerwalls with his 12.96 kW system. This has allowed him to fully power his grid-tied home for 33 days without drawing any power from the utility.

“My goal was to use everything in the home that we would normally use without changing our daily routines. Washer, dryer, fridge, TVs, air conditioning, and heating with heat pumps and mini splits. Some days my wife would ask me, “Are we still off the grid?” It was pretty amazing to do this with all the modern amenities.”


Read the full article about Anthony’s 30 Day Off Grid challenge here: https://cleantechnica.com/2019/11/10/3-tesla-powerwalls-sunpower-solar-33-days-off-grid/