Big Island Electric Rates Approaching 40 cents kilowatt-hour

In light of a base rate increase implemented earlier this year and the cost of oil in the $60-$70/barrel range, the cost of HELCO power is closing in on the 40 cents/kWh range.

The small commercial G effective rate is 39.56 cents/kWh, which represents an 11 percent increase since November 2017 and 24 percent increase since November 2016.

For homeowners, the R rate is 35 cents/kWh assuming a purchase of 500 kWhs/month, which represents an 11 percent increase since the same month last year and 18 percent since November 2016.

Going solar electric has never made more sense as a way to hedge against the likely upward trajectory in utility power costs and, if a Tesla Powerwall battery package is included, can provide the peace and security of the lights staying on and the beverages keeping cold in the event of a grid outage.

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