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Hawaii Solar Electric

SunPower: the go-to choice for solar pioneers and homeowners and businesses

ProVision Solar is proud to offer SunPower photovoltaic panels – the most efficient solar panels on the market! Renowned the world over for superior technology, SunPower is the go-to choice for solar pioneers who push the limits by land, sea and sky. And that very same technology is available to power a record of your…

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PBN interview with Marco: Solar pioneer hopeful for Hawaii’s energy future

Marco Mangelsdorf is the president of Big Island-based solar company ProVision Solar Inc. Mangelsdorf, who has a Ph.D. from University of California, Davis, has been involved in the clean energy field since the late 1970s and joined ProVision in 2000. Only three years later, he and childhood friend Douglas Bath purchased the company from Hawaiian…

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Trump’s 30% tariff on solar panel imports bad for Hawaii’s Solar Sector

A report from HJ Mai in Pacific Business News discusses the recent decision to impose tariffs on solar product imports and what impact it will have on Hawaii’s solar industry. President Trump recently approved recommendations to impose a 30% tariff on the import of solar cells and modules. The purpose of which is to “provide…

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Solar tax credits bring tangible long-term benefits to Hawaii

Half a billion dollars and counting. That’s about how much Hawaii tax filers claimed from 2012-2015 for the Renewable Energy Technologies Tax Credit (RETTC) with the vast majority of that sum being for solar energy systems, electric and thermal. In 2015, the most recent year the Department of Taxation has published data, 13,954 tax filers…

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Now that the CGS program has closed, what comes next for solar in Hawaii?

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission filed Decision and Order 34924 on October 20, introducing two new solar programs for the Hawaii solar industry. Further details remain to be worked out and the utilities have 60 days to submit the proposed new tariffs and required forms to the PUC for their review and approval. There are…

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Mahalo for choosing us!

We wish to send our very warm heartfelt thanks and Aloha to our solar Ohana. We really appreciate you choosing us as the #1 solar installer in East Hawaii. We built our reputation on 20 years of dedication to honest work and a clean energy economy. We do everything in our power to be the…

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The New Normal for Rooftop Solar in Hawaii?

As the state’s solar market contracts painfully, business leaders are wondering how they’ll survive. Read the full article by Marco Mangelsdorf on GreenTechMedia:

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KIUC Rocks with Tesla

A video from CNN shows how Tesla batteries are in large scale use on Kauai Island to help power the KIUC grid.

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Earn $$$ credits with the HELCO CGS program, open for a limited time!

Yesterday, HELCO formally announced that more space is available in the popular CGS (customer grid supply) program that gives you $$$ credit for power you send to the grid. Space is very limited so it is important to get your application in as soon as possible. The CGS program is open to Hawaii Island homeowners,…

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