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Grid Outages and the Magic of Frequency Shifting

This is the fascinating story of frequency shifting. Normal electric utility frequency is 60 hertz (Hz).  Solar electric inverters require the utility frequency to be at or near 60 Hz in order to operate.  During a grid outage, Powerwall effectively establishes grid quality power (120/240 volts at 60 Hz), allowing a nano grid to operate…

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Tesla to FERC: Energy Storage, DERs Enhance Grid Resilience

Tesla last week stood up for energy storage and distributed energy resources (DER), telling the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that it should consider these assets carefully as it looks to define what makes a resilient power grid. In May 9 comments filed with FERC, Tesla said that, in the event of a threat to…

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Energy Sage review: Tesla Powerwall

From Energy Sage. Tesla Powerwall: the complete battery review Last updated 4/20/2018 Back in 2015, automaker Tesla Motors set its sights on the home energy storage market and announced the launch of its home battery product, the Tesla Powerwall. In the past, Tesla Motors has been praised for making high-quality electric vehicles, as well as…

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Tesla Energy Storage Business About To Take Off

Nick Cox discusses Tesla’s recent contracts in energy storage and world-wide projects including Australia, Puerto Rico, Polynesia and Hawaii. Cox predicts a sunny future for Tesla energy storage divisions. Tesla Energy Storage Business About To Take Off Apr. 30, 2018 By Nick Cox Summary Recent contracts sowing the seeds for substantial business. Potential in both…

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How solar owners’ post-hurricane demand for batteries could impact utilities

Extreme weather is driving customers to solar-plus-storage as backup power, but they can use it to cut back on electricity use, too. An article on discusses the impact of the growing demand, and lowering costs, for solar-plus-storage solutions. Read the article:  

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Big Island solar PV permits down 28% in 2017

Marco Mangelsdorf, president of ProVision Solar, is cited in an an article from Pacific Business News discussing the trends in the solar PV market on the Big Island. While Big Island PV permits were down 28%, it is much lower than the reduction seen on neighbor island solar PV permits. According to Marco, this is…

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HD Wave Single Phase Inverters by Solar Edge

Introducing the HD Wave single phase inverter by Solar Edge. These inverters pair perfectly with Tesla Powerwall 2 AC, delivering record-breaking efficiency and high reliability to maximize the amount of energy delivered from your solar PV panels. Integrated arc fault protection and Auto-Rapid Shutdown protects your system. HD Wave features an extremely small footprint and…

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