ProVision Referral Program

ProVision built its reputation on excellent customer service. But the only way to truly experience that is to become a ProVision Customer.

If you are already a happy customer and you want to refer your friends and family to ProVision, we will thank you with a $300 gift provided to both you and the person you referred. That’s $600 total.

If you are not a ProVision customer but you believe in us like so many happy customers, then you may also send us your referrals and earn the same rewards.

We are a local small business and even though you may occasionally see us on HGTV or hear our ads on KAPA or KBIG, we actually get most of our business from referrals. Maybe that is why we have won Best of East Hawaii for Solar Electric Installer four years in a row. So, send us your referrals and let us take care of the rest!

How the ProVision Referral Program Works

  1. Provide a referral by completing the form.
  2. ProVision Solar schedules a free consultation with your contact.
  3. If the consultation results in an installation, you each earn $300. Our professional sales associates will gladly explain the program details.

To submit multiple referrals, just fill out another form for each one. It’s that simple!

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