Hawaii is charting new territory with new solar credit programs

The Public Utilities Commission announced its decision to approve two new solar credit programs last week – the Smart Export program and the CGS+ program. While the Smart Export program was expected, the CGS+ program has Hawaii’s solar industry experts asking a lot of questions.

The wholly unexpected CGS+ program, which succeeds the customer grid-supply program, will compensate customers during daytime hours, but it requires ratepayers to install advanced equipment which will allow the utility to curtail or shut off CGS+ systems when grid conditions require it. Industry stakeholders have raised concerns about the CGS+ program’s implementation process and its compensation rates.

While the PUC’s order leaves many questions as to the logistics of the program, many are excited about the path forward for solar. Earthjustice called the PUC’s order a path for the future of distributed energy resources in Hawaii.

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