New HELCO solar credit programs featured

An article by Michael Brestovansky published today in Hawaii Tribune-Herald explains the two new solar incentive programs approved by the PUC earlier this month. ProVision president Marco Mangelsdorf weighs in on benefits and considerations each program introduces.

Solar incentives recharged: New programs offer credit for exporting energy

Published October 30, 2017

[…] Of the commission’s two new programs, the most sophisticated is the Smart Export program, which allows solar users to store energy within batteries during the day and export that stored energy to the grid during peak usage hours, typically in the evenings. Energy exported to the Big Island’s grid through this program is subject to a credit of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The other program is referred to as Controllable Customer Grid Supply, or CGS+, and is effectively a continuation of the commission’s previous grid supply program, which reached its energy limit in September. This program allows customers to export energy directly to the grid during the daytime while allowing electric utility providers to curtail grid supply at certain times to retain grid stability. […]

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