PBN interview with Marco: Solar pioneer hopeful for Hawaii’s energy future

Marco Mangelsdorf is the president of Big Island-based solar company ProVision Solar Inc. Mangelsdorf, who has a Ph.D. from University of California, Davis, has been involved in the clean energy field since the late 1970s and joined ProVision in 2000.

Only three years later, he and childhood friend Douglas Bath purchased the company from Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc., the parent of Honolulu-based utility Hawaiian Electric Cos. Today, Hilo-based ProVision is a full-service solar company, whose product offerings range from solar photovoltaic systems to battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

Despite the end of net energy metering in late 2015, which had contributed significantly to the solar boom in Hawaii, Mangelsdorf is hopeful for the industry’s future. The trend of rising oil costs and the continued support of renewable energy across all government levels in the state, means that solar PV “will continue to play a very large role,” he told Pacific Business News.

Marco discusses the future of Hawaii solar, challenges and current trends and Hawaii energy legislation with HJ Mai. Read the interview here: https://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news/2018/07/13/solar-pioneer-hopeful-for-hawaii-s-energy-future.html