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ProVision Solar Opens 2016 Customer Appreciation Referral Program

Hilo, HI

ProVision Solar, Inc.

After learning that this year over 60% of our new customers came from our existing customers, we wondered “How can we thank our customers for being so loyal?” So for 2016, we are going to give $600 away for each referral we get that ends in an installation. We will split the money two-ways. The person giving the referral and the person getting the new PV system will each get $300 after the system is installed. Sweet deal indeed.

The customer appreciation referral program is now open to anybody; not just existing ProVision Solar customers. Yup that’s right. Anybody who wants to send us a referral can simply go online to our contacts page at and tell us about your friend who wants solar. You can send us as many friends as you want. Or your friends can give us a call at 808-969-3281 and tell us you sent them! Either way, you both earn $300 when the system is finished. Call us for details.

Not only will installing solar panels allow you to save on energy costs, it also demonstrates your commitment to be a good steward of the environment. Plus if you can use them, there are outstanding tax credits to offset your purchase and encourage you to go solar. So, until our budget is all spent you and your friends can earn $300 each by going with the First and the Best solar company on Hawaii Island. Now that is good news!

You must hurry though because the referral program is only open to the first 20 customers who participate in the program.

“We are really excited and happy to be able to expand our appreciation program to folks who may not have a ProVision solar system of their own, but still love solar technology and want to refer ProVision to their friends and family.” Says Kim Keahiolalo, ProVision Solar’s Sales and Marketing Manager.
ProVision Solar was incorporated in 1998. We are the State’s first brick and mortar Island solar company to focus exclusively on solar electric services.  ProVision Solar, Inc. is committed to doing all that they can to make our island a healthier place to live as well as providing good jobs for their employees. ProVision Solar is committed to sustainability, quality products and workmanship and excellent customer service after the installation. ProVision Solar has been voted Best of East Hawaii three years running!


Picture1Kim Keahiolalo

Sales and Marketing Manager



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