PUC approves Customer Self Supply

A new kind of rooftop solar system that enables households to generate their own electricity and to potentially store energy for use after the sun goes down has now been approved by the Hawaiian Electric Companies and can now be installed on Big Island homes.

The systems are being developed specifically for the Hawaii market and use new inverter technology to provide power to the home but prevent any excess electricity from being exported to the grid. Excess energy generated during the day can be stored in a battery and used later on in the day as well as be available if there is a power outage.

Call us today to learn more about CSS and how to get started with a Free energy evaluation. If you qualify you may be eligible for a limited time offer for a free engineering application for a CSS utility-connected PV system. ProVision Solar currently serves only the Big Island. Call to today to speak to one of our solar professionals to see if you qualify.