System Checkup

Find out how your PV system is working to ensure safe and optimal performance

ProVision Solar is now offering a System Check-Up for your PV system by one of our experienced electricians.

For the low price of $349 (plus tax), you will receive:

  • Inspection of solar array for blemishes, mold and excessive soiling
  • Inspection of roof junction and/or combiner boxes
  • Voltage and current checks for solar module strings (for systems with one or more string inverters)
  • AC power output check for systems using micro inverters
  • Inspection and tightening of DC and AC wire connections in string inverter(s)
  • Inspection and verification of string inverter(s) for proper power output
  • Inspection and verification of proper functioning of string inverter(s) display
  • Inspection and verification of PV circuit breaker(s) operation
  • Tightening of AC wires at PV circuit breaker(s)
  • Corrosion evaluation of grounding
  • Visual survey of conduit, roof penetrations and mounting hardware
  • If micro inverter-based system, verification of expected operation and performance
  • Evaluation of available roof space for possible expansion
  • Inspect your system for any possible obstructions, shading concerns, or material that could block your system from working
  • Inspection of electrical boxes for critter infestation, signs of water or other damage
  • Written report with pictures to visualize findings

Please note: this special offer is for PV systems sized 10 kW or smaller. This diagnostic visit does not guarantee that additional billable service work, if needed, shall be completed at the same time of the check-up. Check-ups for larger than 10 kW systems priced separately.