Solar Power Advocacy Network: Help keep pressure on Congress to #DefendTheITC

The 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) is among the most important incentives currently available for solar PV. Over the next 3 years the ITC will drop each year until it is only a 10% tax credit. The Solar Power Advocacy Network is encouraging everyone to contact their government representatives to #DefendTheITC


Now is the time to snap into action and join us in advocating full force for extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

We’re asking you to send a note to your member of Congress today. It takes just a minute, and will help keep the pressure on politicians to act.

This campaign started with over 900 companies signing a letter asking Congress to pass the ITC and just this week, GTM published an editorial saying why the ITC is must pass legislation.

Over the August congressional recess, more than a dozen members of Congress met with solar industry representatives in their home states and districts, including high level meetings with key Senate Republicans. SEIA kept up the pressure here in Washington with more than 100 targeted meetings and conversations on the Hill with congressional staffers.

All of this hard work has clearly paid off. There are now 34 bi-partisan cosponsors of HR 3961, the bill introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson to extend the ITC.

This is a crucial tipping point in this campaign, and we have to keep the momentum going. Please take a brief minute to send a message to Congress and make sure you’re signed up for the #DefendTheITC campaign.