Tesla Energy Storage Business About To Take Off

Nick Cox discusses Tesla’s recent contracts in energy storage and world-wide projects including Australia, Puerto Rico, Polynesia and Hawaii. Cox predicts a sunny future for Tesla energy storage divisions.

Tesla Energy Storage Business About To Take Off

Apr. 30, 2018

By Nick Cox


  • Recent contracts sowing the seeds for substantial business.
  • Potential in both centralised and decentralised systems.
  • Energy storage worldwide is a huge secular growth business.
  • Tesla well positioned to take advantage of the massive disruption renewables and energy storage is producing.

Tesla (TSLA) has recently secured more projects in its energy storage business. While the media focus is understandably on the auto business, energy storage quietly represents a huge growth business for the company. As my recent article detailed, it has been estimated that energy storage deployment worldwide will rise from 295 MW in 2017 to 2535 MW in 2022. Vertically integrated Tesla is well positioned to seize a meaningful share of this market.


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