Tesla to FERC: Energy Storage, DERs Enhance Grid Resilience

Tesla last week stood up for energy storage and distributed energy resources (DER), telling the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that it should consider these assets carefully as it looks to define what makes a resilient power grid.

In May 9 comments filed with FERC, Tesla said that, in the event of a threat to grid resilience, energy storage can prevent outages and DERs can continue to provide service to end users.

“Customer-sited solar and storage, which Tesla is installing throughout the world at individual customers’ homes, also offer customers resiliency in the form of back-up power when the grid is down,” Tesla said. “When there’s a grid outage, Tesla’s Powerwall battery systems paired with solar systems immediately react to safely maintain power at customers’ homes so that they can operate important loads indefinitely, as the solar panels recharge the batteries daily.”

Tesla further highlighted the importance of solar and storage microgrids for critical facilities, such as hospitals and community centers, to provide resilient electric infrastructure.

“Microgrids that rely on renewable energy sources and energy storage units support continued operations even when there is extreme damage to transmission, distribution, and central-station generation, as occurred recently in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria,” Tesla said.

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