The Answer is… NEM+

Add More Solar

You Want More Solar but Have Been Told You Can’t or You’ll Lose Your NEM?

If you already have PV and it just isn’t covering your bills or if you bought a house that has PV and your bills are high, then you may be a good candidate for the new Hawaiian Electric NEM Plus (NEM+) program. We suggest you check your system’s monitoring first to make sure your array is working correctly. If after a system checkup confirms that everything is ok, then it might be time to increase the size of your PV system.

Or maybe your system is perfect right now. You have the minimum bill and your system is meeting all your needs for now. The desire to change from a gas car to electric is pulling at you. Or you want that hot tub you have always dreamed of having on the lanai. The reasons to add more solar are many and the good news is that now you can add more solar to your NEM solar PV system.

Now you can add more solar to your NEM solar PV system!

Up to recently, it was either impractical or simply not allowed by the utility. Things have changed and if you want to add anywhere from five to 50 or more panels, you can. The only catch is that your new panels cannot export energy to the utility. So you either use the energy from the new panels during the day or you store the energy in batteries.

Your original system will still export to the grid and you will get full credit for energy you send to Hawaiian Electric. In short, you do not forfeit nor compromise your original net energy metering (NEM) agreement. With a NEM+ away you go in that electric car or escape to the warm bubbles of your hot tub.

Bonus! You will have back up power stored in your battery.  Please call the solar experts at ProVision Solar in Hilo. We work island wide and we have done many NEM+ systems. Contact us today to discuss expanding your NEM system!