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The Conversation: Solar Energy

Marco featured on Hawaii Public Radio’s The Conversation. Call in show discussing solar energy in Hawaii. Guests include: Melissa Miyashiro, managing director of strategy and policy at Blue Planet Foundation and who serves on the state’s Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Task Force. William Giese, executive director of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association. Giese’s work focuses on…

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Tesla: A home, an office and two Teslas powered by the sun 24/7

After recent fires and rolling utility outages, Sonoma, CA residents Richard and Amy Schuh decided to take control of their home power system and black-out proof their home. They gave each other Powerwalls as presents and are now reliably living off the sun. The sun powers their home, charges their two Tesla vehicles and fills…

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How a lithium-ion battery works

A short video from Washington Post describing how lithium-ion batteries work. The first electric battery was invented in 1800 and most batteries built since have basically worked the same way. What makes lithium-ion batteries different are the materials that make it lighter, rechargeable and longer-lasting. 

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Civil Beat: Will Hawaii Lead The Renewables Revolution?

In an article on Civil Beat, Nathan Eagle and Noelle Swan investigate Hawaii’s renewable energy revolution. Hawaii has positioned itself as a pioneer in the quest to move toward a fossil-free future. How it deals with obstacles in its path to 100% renewable energy could hold lessons for the rest of the U.S. Read the…

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Solar Power Advocacy Network: Help keep pressure on Congress to #DefendTheITC

The 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) is among the most important incentives currently available for solar PV. Over the next 3 years the ITC will drop each year until it is only a 10% tax credit. The Solar Power Advocacy Network is encouraging everyone to contact their government representatives to #DefendTheITC   Now is…

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Mahalo for Best of East Hawaii!

Mahalo East Hawaii for voting us Best Solar Installer for East Hawaii seven years in a row. We are incredibly humbled and so appreciative of the support from our East Hawaii Community. We have always put value for our customers as our business model.  We are proud to serve the East side of the Big…

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Grid Outages and the Magic of Frequency Shifting

This is the fascinating story of frequency shifting. Normal electric utility frequency is 60 hertz (Hz).  Solar electric inverters require the utility frequency to be at or near 60 Hz in order to operate.  During a grid outage, Powerwall effectively establishes grid quality power (120/240 volts at 60 Hz), allowing a nano grid to operate…

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Storm knocks out power to much of the Big Island

By MICHAEL BRESTOVANSKY Hawaii Tribune-Herald | Tuesday, July 9, 2019 While the former hurricane Barbara was too weak to cause significant damage to the Big Island, it still succeeded in knocking out power to much of the island Monday. As rain lashed the windward side of the island Monday morning, power outages struck residences and…

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