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HELCO Energy Credit Program Set to Close in October

Right now, you can get 15 cents a kilowatt-hour credit for solar power you send back to the grid. HELCO will allow you to use your credits within each 30 day billing cycle. Unused credits are reset at the beginning of each billing cycle. This offer from HELCO will close in October. Let us help…

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CGS Subscription Status – Closed!

The limit for Big Island solar systems that send power to the grid has been reached. If you have a NEM or Net Energy Metering agreement you are allowed to store energy on the grid.  If you have not installed your NEM system and need help, call us and we will see what we can…

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PUC approves Customer Self Supply

A new kind of rooftop solar system that enables households to generate their own electricity and to potentially store energy for use after the sun goes down has now been approved by the Hawaiian Electric Companies and can now be installed on Big Island homes. The systems are being developed specifically for the Hawaii market…

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CGS Subscription Status – Urgent!

Big Island customers who want solar still have options even as the capacity limit for rooftop solar systems that send excess power to the Hawaii Island grid is almost reached.

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